Crazy S&K: ‘Our album is an expression in to craft’

Tembisa based duo Crazy S&K have released a hot Amapiano album named Crazy SnK.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Amapiano is an original South African music genre and when one does release a song, it feels special to be a South African.

More so when one releases an Amapiano album, it reflects the everyday life of our country.

Crazy S & K did exactly that with their debut album titled Crazy S n K released in July 2021 exclusively in this website. S stand for Sphiwe and K for Kopkop. Sphiwe is a local DJ and Kopkop is a CEO at Makopkop Stizylife, Sound and Lighting Tech at MGG Production and they also run Ghetto Art awareness with DJ Sbu and Laxa la Vediouls.


When asked about the message behind the album, they said the project is pure expression of the craft.

“We wanted to teach the fun of music because we were more focus on the feeling of good music and story of more groove and success during musical span.

“We have featured people like Lil Meri and Director on the project. We did Kuzonda Mina and we taught each other what to do. We also had True Lies and it was easy for us to work. This album was more into expression as I said nothing is planned, we just did it in  two weeks.”

DOWNLOAD SONG: Crazy S&K – Ani Fambi

They confirm that the special song in the project is Ani fambi as the first song that they started with but it drove them to go for an album.

“We were not intended to bring this kind of fire on the music industry but we ended up doing that. This is our first album and we are working on the second one this year. We need to drop two albums and one EP.”


Facebook: Crazy SnK
Instagram: @crazysnk2021 / @makopkop_stizylife.
Cellphone: 0764223377