A lot of people play a role in bringing great music to the public and SAMRO protects the rights of everyone involved in the creation of musical works. This includes composers, authors, lyricists and music publishers. As long as your musical works are active – which means they have been commercially recorded or performed in public, or broadcast on television or radio, you might qualify for SAMRO membership.


Composers make magic out of musical notes. We’re talking anything from composing music for songs to those soundtracks you hear on movies or jingles – all the way up to orchestral symphonies. If you pour your heart into writing and creating original music – you’re a composer!

As a composer, there are a number of rights that vest within your compositions. SAMRO administers what is known as Performing Rights, and control what happens when your music is performed in public. Mechanical Rights are another form of music right that come into play when your music is reproduced. In South Africa, Mechanical Rights are administered by the Composers, Authors & Publishers Association (CAPASSO). From 2014 onward, composers need to join CAPASSO as members in order to enjoy the benefits from their Mechanical Rights.

SAMRO administers the music copyright related to Performing Rights and collects licence fees which are then distributed as royalties on your behalf. Which means if someone wants to use your words either to perform in public or to play or broadcast it – they need a usage licence.


Lyrics give meaning to music. If you weave words into melodies and create lyrics that accompany music, it makes you a music author and you are entitled to be paid royalties whenever your music is used.


Music Publishers are the guys who get your musical works to the big world. This is where your works might be used in an advert, movie or as part of another recording – such as when a DJ samples a chorus line from a song. Music Publishers usually help music creators get their fair share whenever their works is used in those platforms.

To be a SAMRO member, a publisher must have a catalogue of music works that have been commercially published or recorded. And the author/s of the music works must be members of SAMRO or one of our international partners.



There are so many benefits for Music Creators when they become SAMRO members. As guardians of the music industry, SAMRO has a duty to ensure that all of our members meet certain requirements.

SAMRO’s Board of Directors has the final say on your membership approval. If they give you the nod – you’re in! The board sits four times a year – March, June, September and November, and that’s when new members get the green light.

Get started with your membership by following our step-by-step application process.

To become a SAMRO member, you need to meet certain requirements. First, you need to download a hardcopy printable forms. Your forms should be submitted along with the required documents.


  • Download the 4 required forms below.
  • The Membership application form – lets us know who you are.
  • Deed of Assignment form – gives us the go-ahead to administer your Performance Rights.
  • Notification of Works form – lets us know which works you’re claiming ownership of.
  • Banking details update form – gives us your banking details so that we are able to pay you the royalties you’ve earned.


  • Next, you need to fill in and sign all 4 forms. Remember to complete the Notification of Works form carefully.
  • Remember to initial the bottom of every page.
  • If you need help please contact us on 086 117 2676 or customerservices@samro.org.za


Send your completed forms with a certified copy of your ID book back to SAMRO. You can send us the forms via email, post, fax or you can hand deliver them to any of our offices during working hours.


You can contact SAMRO 4 weeks after you have submitted your application forms. SAMRO will then provide you with a relation number which you can use to track the status of your application.


To be elected to membership, your notified musical works must have been broadcast and/or performed significantly enough to earn reasonable royalties. Once the SAMRO Board of Directors has given you the green light then you can start enjoying the benefits of being a SAMRO member.