NGT Mavala: ‘I am all about Hip Hop’

Mamelodi East based rapper NGT Mavala still climbing the Hip Hop ladders when it comes to his music career.

By Ronald DK Nchabeleng

Hip Hop is nothing without history so does Mamelodi Hip Hop industry.

NGT Mavala, the Mams East side based rapper, is one of the rap cats who has seen it all when it comes to the Hip Hop circles in the kasi.

“Mavala is about Hip Hop music,” he told Mams Music Gallery. “Still the same old NGT. Nothing has changed.”


The Junkfood maker still releases music even this year after dropping more three singles. When asked about his consistent release in this world wide pandemic that affected the music industry, he says he had to.

“I released three songs only because I haven’t been in the studio for a long time,” he added. “So I thought on doing an EP which I released early this year titled JUNKFOOD EP.

“It has four songs but I only released three via Social Platforms.”


He also touched on the development of Hip Hop around Mamelodi after few people created Rap Cyphers.

One of those is Mamelodi East based Bruce Ruffy of Kontagious Music Entertainment who co-created the Born 2 Rap Cyphers that recorded and released videos for over 30 artists since the start of 2021.

Mavala commented: “Yeah Cyphers are healthy for a Hip Hop artist. Making them be more creative than when they are writing a song. Because on Aa freestyle you got to be quick with thinking when using the Word Play right with the lines when you spitting bars.”